Claire Dibble

'How Did We Get Here?' #6 8x8 in Shadow Box


6.5 x 6.5 image transfer on 8 x 8 Shadow Box Frame with plexiglass. Print artwork part of the 'Arctic Outlaw' Series. 



Image transfers on canvas with marine debris.

In October 2017 I participated in The Arctic Circle residency aboard a ship exploring the remote and rugged land and seascapes of Svalbard, the island archipelago that rests between Norway and the North Pole. These images are from this unique experience. 
This series is a reflection on the ways that humans are embedded in even the most remote landscapes. The creative process included contemplative time in the landscape, photographing small details as well as larger overviews, and collecting remnants of ocean plastics along shorelines. With the images captured, I created photo transfers on raw canvas, a process that allows for a tactile connection without access to darkrooms or chemicals. I then hand stitched fragments of found rope into the pieces, contemplating the ways we (and our waste) are interlaced into the natural world, while at the same time imagining each stitch helping to mend the holes in the fabric of our planet.

The bits of marine rubbish serve not only as a pop of colour for visual interest, but also as a reminder that human impact is woven into every landscape, everywhere.
I enjoy the way image transfers allow photos to develop gradually, revealing
themselves slowly under patient hands. It is a soothing process, reminding me at
times of rubbing away concerns on a worry stone, relieving anxieties about the
damage we continue to do to the environment. It requires patience and presence,
and has allowed me to connect more deeply with the images I created in a brief
moment in the Arctic. I like the unpredictability of the process as well, the
imperfections and flaws, and the fractured lines and missing toner which add a sense of fragility, a nod to the fleeting nature of the Arctic. To see a stopmotion video of my image transfer process, visit 
I see this work as a commentary on consumerism, but I also seek to illustrate beauty in our current situation, an acceptance of reality. In so doing, I hope to encourage viewers to reconsider their own use or reuse of items, but also to treasure what is
already here, both natural and manmade.


Claire Dibble is a photographer, writer, and project-based artist who lives and works in Golden, British Columbia. The daughter of a boatbuilder and a botanist, Claire grew up in Maine where she was encouraged from an early age to make things, to be curious, and to walk in the woods as often as possible. The impact of this early guidance was substantial, laying the foundation for her creative practice which to this day relies on time in nature, listening and noticing. She has participated in residencies in various locations, including aboard a ship in the Arctic. One of her largest projects to date involved building a kayak and paddling it the full length of the Columbia River, a 3.5 month photographic journey in 2019.

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