Claire Dibble

'On Past Sunset' 11x14 Framed


8.5 x 6.5 image on 8 x 10 paper in 11 x 14 frame, image transfer. Print artwork part of the 'Ode To Sea' Series. 


Each of these mixed media works is a tiny love letter to Maine, to the Blue Hill Peninsula where I first learned what it is to belong to a place. I made them in my studio in British Columbia, pulling from an ongoing archive of photos I’ve taken while visiting my family, my original home. It is no accident that they are individual glimpses held together in a relational way, the colors and shapes holding them in conversation with one another. This is true to my experience of being on the coast, of being in community, of feeling connected even from afar. For a Mainer living many miles from Maine, there is a special magic in the embedded sense of home that I carry with me. It was formed in a million tiny moments through my childhood and it continues to be nourished each time I return.


Claire Dibble is a photographer, writer, and project-based artist who lives and works in Golden, British Columbia. The daughter of a boatbuilder and a botanist, Claire grew up in Maine where she was encouraged from an early age to make things, to be curious, and to walk in the woods as often as possible. The impact of this early guidance was substantial, laying the foundation for her creative practice which to this day relies on time in nature, listening and noticing. She has participated in residencies in various locations, including aboard a ship in the Arctic. One of her largest projects to date involved building a kayak and paddling it the full length of the Columbia River, a 3.5 month photographic journey in 2019.

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