Modern Emulsions

Bewitched VIII' 12x14


Acrylic and resin painting on birch panel.

Magda Assaf is a self-taught contemporary abstract artist who specializes in the blending effects between acrylics, resin, and metallics. Through years of meticulous exploration, her technique has evolved to create a unique take on resin art. The addition of metallic leafing and the glass-like finish complete each painting, leaving them with a luxurious, modern feel. A highlight to any room.

Each painting has multiple layers of resin, creating mesmerizing depths and movement. One can get lost the intricate details. This is the whole purpose behind her body of work. With the hustle of daily life, she wants to create pieces that give pause. The dream-like qualities of each painting allow us to break out of the mundane and spark imagination.

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