Ebony + Sparrow

Stick Earrings 14K Gold Fill


Light, airy, modern and simple. These textured drop earrings make the perfect everyday earring. A basic earring with a touch of flare, these earrings hang approximately 1.25 inches in length and have a hammered texture on them. These earrings pair well with any outfit, casual or dressy. They are among one of my more popular designs.

Please note these earrings are of a slightly thicker gauge than standard posts, so the earrings retain their shape. If they feel tight at the start they will loosen up as your piercings get used to them.

Earring length: approximately 1.25 inches
Material: 14k gold filled

What is gold filled?
Gold that is mechanically bonded to another metal, at least 1/20 gold by weight. It contains much more gold than gold plate. It is tarnish resist and does not rub off. If you have metal allergies you can wear gold filled jewelry unlike gold plated jewelry. Gold filled is an affordable alternative to solid gold jewelry.

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